• QuickBooks® ProAdvisors, Xero® Certified Advisor & Wave® Accounting Pros

  • Small business owners and individual people are now able to get excellent, precise and professional services from Books LA. Things like bookkeeping, accounting and record keeping are painless. Payroll management is no longer a time consuming hassle. You are even able to file all of your taxes easier, and these are just a few of the amazing benefits that Books LA has to offer.

    This is an accredited and highly reputable company that utilizes QuickBooks®, Xero®, FreshBooks® and Wave Accounting® depending upon the clients individual or business needs. This company is always making sure that they offer only the best of the best in accounting options to small businesses globally.

    You no longer have to deal with the hassle or the problems many other individuals and business owners face daily because of their financial records or the management concerning them. Books LA can get all of your record in order and keep them that way. Your information is 100% secure, so you can go on about your activities knowing that Books LA has you covered.
  • We can
    help you with
    • - Account Reconciliation
    • - Accounts Payable
    • - Accounts Receivable
    • - Production Accounting
    • - Project Accounting
    • - Inventory
    • - Bank Reconciliation
    • - Bad Debt issues
    • - Benefits selection and maintenance
    • - Business Property Tax
    • - Business Registration, Filings and Licenses
    • - City Business Tax

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