All your statements in one spot! All!  Not just from a financial institution, but the utility bills, PayPal, Amazon, .. Pretty much anything that you have received on paper or electronically, you can now have it organized and in one secure and encrypted spot.
Your phone bill arrives; it is pulled by Hubdoc, and sent to QBO or Xero along with a pdf copy of the bill attached, and is waiting for a payment.
Or your parking toll you just paid in cash… snap a photo of it, upload to Hubdoc, OCR will read the receipt will account the money spent

There is a reason why we made Hubdoc a requirement!


With you can pay bill electronically, get paid faster with ACH, credit card, PayPal and completely automate your payable workflow. is a great solution for managing accounts payable and accounts receivable in the cloud.


Manage your projects, time, progress invoicing… all in one spot, and have it synched seamlessly with QBO or Xero. These are just some of the features Harvest has to offer: Simple Time Tracking, Powerful Reports, Fast Online Invoicing, Estimates, Expenses , Add-ons, Security & Privacy and much more. We are huge fans!


Fastest growing payroll provider! It offers easy automated payroll for the salary employees, seamless payroll for other types as well. Payroll tax payment and management, form filling and much, much more…


Exactly That! Receipt Bank converts key information from your bills, receipts and invoices into data you and your company can use!


Quickly add cash expenses; automatically import all card transactions, capture mileage, time, and other reimbursable/billable expenses, then allocate each expense to GL accounts, clients and /or projects, and your custom fields.
No more dreadful expense reports, templates, locked cells, lost formulas, taping receipts and even stapling (ouch!) receipts to a sheets, then turning it in to receive the paper check. Your employees have access to upload receipts, code and allocate, add notes and pictures. You still get the expense report but in a ‘review & click approve’ or ‘review & and ask for more info’ , and then ‘from approved click pay’.. and done! No paper and its accessible everywhere!

rtaImage is a great document management app that is used for collaboration between colleagues, companies, clients… You set the permissions and rules, and your documents are there, always, whenever you want!  And have a full control how much you want to share,


Oh, how we love TSheets!
Employee time tracking software for business. TSheets simplifies payroll, invoicing, job costing and more with mobile timesheet apps & reporting dashboard. Easy sync with QBO, Gusto, Paychex, Sage and others. Clock-in and out can be done with the app, call in, twitter, text messages, mobile web browser, crew app… and the GPS tracking is available.


A cloud based add-on and app that streamlines the billing and much more. Primarily used by clients that are looking to automate their billing process and integrate with cloud accounting software. The beauty of the FreshBooks is that FreshBooks will work hard on making sure your business gets paid on time, by setting up reminders for the open invoices, sending the thank you notes for payment received, processing the payments and funding your account. It’s like having the assistant for the task that are really crucial for your business. A+