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Keeper App

Keeper is your first line of defense against identity breaches. For organizations that look for unparalleled cybersecurity, Keeper’s unique security architecture protects data and systems with a solution that is quick to deploy and easy to use.

With you can pay bill electronically, get paid faster with ACH, credit card, PayPal and completely automate your payable workflow. is a great solution for managing accounts payable and accounts receivable in the cloud.


Smplified online banking on terms you’d actually like. With benefits like delegated money management, up to 20 checking accounts, overview of daily expenses, and automated saving for categories like taxes or emergencies, 


Fastest growing payroll provider! It offers easy automated payroll for the salary employees, seamless payroll for other types as well. Payroll tax payment and management, form filling and much, much more…


Easily pay vendors and contractors domestically or internationally in over 100 countries, and get paid faster with one simple, yet powerful digital payments solution. With more payment flexibility and visibility, Veem gives small businesses the power to save time and control cash flow.


Can be used to capture, submit and edit your receipts and invoices. The camera functionality makes it the perfect way for capturing physical, paper documents and instantly uploading them to your Dext Prepare Inbox.

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