Jelena Arkula

Founder, Books LA

Jelena Arkula, founder and principle of Books LA, is on a mission to streamline custom Bookkeeping Services and Cloud Accounting to individuals and small businesses, making their lives better and quality of time more manageable.

With more than 10 years and counting in the industry this company still has an impeccable reputation for excellence in several industries. A lot of this time has been spent assisting clients to better understand their finances and also in taking control of them in order to see more profit.

Ms. Arkula has worked for several organizations and companies, Wells Fargo Bank, Washington Mutual Bank, City National Bank as well as with many other well-known names.
After a successful carrier in banking, where she gained a tremendous knowledge in banking and financial industry, and she has decided to pursue a carrier in accounting after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She is a distinguished professional that settles for nothing less that excellence, and she does not expect you to settle for less than that either.
Ms. Arkula was a part of the movie industry and advertising teams for ten years before deciding to venture on her own and open her own practice. She now possesses an excellent knowledge in IT, Education, Entertainment, Printing and Service Industries.

She also has a passion to aide small businesses in their growth so that they can achieve financial stability along with excellent credit worthiness. Do not hesitate to contact Books LA to see what she can do to help you get to where you need to be today.