Cloud Accounting with Xero and QuickBooks Online

Jelena Arkula
September 19, 2022

Cloud Accounting with Xero and QBO (QuickBooks Online) 

If you have been struggling with balance in your business then maybe cloud accounting software is right for you.

Using accounting software should not be a dreaded chore. In the past it has not been uncommon to find yourself frustrated and dealing with a tedious issue within your accounting software. With cloud accounting software it is far less hassle and a lot easier to use. Your business runs faster, and your days go a lot smoother too.

This is software that is meant to simplify your life while amplifying your business. When you work with the cloud it is offering you a more comprehensive view of all of your finances. Cloud accounting software offers you a better understanding of where you are at financially, as well as what is working and what isn’t. Ultimately, it offers you far better communications with the rest of your team.

The crazy thing is that though small business seems to have been the ones needing comprehensive cloud software the most, it was unavailable. Not anymore. Xero and QuickBooks Online work wonderfully for small businesses.

Please note that QuickBooks online is not the same as QuickBooks Desktop. 

Cloud accounting software is not like the desktop programs that literally sucked your energy and time from the workday. Cloud accounting software makes it all far more effortless saving not only frustration, but also saving you money and time.

Take internet banking for an example; each time that you remotely connect to the data you are in fact using a cloud. It is so simple you do not even think about it, and it is so dependable that you know at the click of the button the information you are looking for or commend you need to execute will be done. Then you move on about your day. All of the complication is removed and you have peace of mind. That is much the same concept as QBO and Xero. Hassle free peace of mind that is what you have with the cloud.

Security, Security, Security! 

You do not have to worry about your information being compromised. The security within the cloud is top notch. Your data is safely stored, and there are layers of security in place protecting it. Unless someone has your log in information this information is 100% safe. Nothing is stored on your hard drive, so it is impossible to access your date for someone without the information to do so.

If there is a fire or some natural disaster all won’t be lost as it would being stored on your desk top. There is no downtime. All of your information will be neatly and accurately stored in the cloud for the next time you need to access it from your mobile device or computer. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.

Another nice feature is that you can control what other users see. Once you approve another user you get to set the privacy levels. That is added peace of mind for many small business owners who would not otherwise be able to allow access to the accounting platforms. Now these owners can get the help they need with accounting so that they can attend to the things that make their days more productive.

This software offers you flexibility, and it is always in real time. Updates are done a lot faster, and you are able to do more remotely hence freeing up your time.

Both Xero and QBO are great for small businesses. Both have several different size and feature variations so that you can customize your cloud accounting to your business’s needs. Both are relatively inexpensive and very dependable.

Your business can work faster and smarter with the utilization of cloud accounting software. When everything is considered it is an investment that just makes sense.

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