ScanSnap to the rescue!

Mission: HON 4 drawer lateral filing cabinet – to Scan Snap Cloud

Mission Accomplished!


ScanSnap IX100

I was introduced to a ScanSnap IX100 at the QB Connect ’15 in San Jose and was blown away by the quality, speed, simplicity and design of that small but mighty powerful scanner. And that scanner was the only thing I needed in the past year! If I was to receive any documents, or receipts, I would just push the document through the scanner, regardless of the size, and would get a quality document that would be easily extracted by PDF2XL software.


Earlier in the Spring of 2016 I was made aware that the building next door (or should I be more specific and say – 6 yards away) will be tearing down and the new and improved 5 stories high building will be built in its place. What that meant was that I will lose that little sunlight I had in my office. And that is if I am able to endure the contraction noise just a few feet away for at least 12 months.  That was the idea, I needed to be strong and tune out the noise.


ScanSnap IX500

Well, that is way easier said than done!  The office was located in the building that wasn’t soundproof /at all/ anyhow, and the vibrations alone became unbearable. The only option I had was moving! And that was not in my plan. The summer was supposed to be fun, my stepdaughter was coming for a summer, and that would be her first time to the US. I was all in the plans of what we will do once she is here. Moving wasn’t on the agenda. However, shortly after the construction started I released that NOT moving wasn’t on the new agenda either.

So, we quickly found a new place and were set to move last week of June 2016. My husband flew back to LA with his daughter just a few days before we were supposed to move. The new place was great except that my HON 4 drawer lateral filing cabinet could not fit into my new office. It was full of old papers and old documents that I might need some day. The files in the filing cabinet were there well before we implemented 100% could policy in Books LA.


Those boxes look much smaller on the pictures! The boxes were huge!


One thing I had in mind was – ScanSnap!

In May 2016 I was at the Scaling New Heights Conference.  As the luck would

have it, I was a lucky winner of the #ScanSnap IX500 Contest!  Scaling New Heights Conference was amazing, but winning my new #IX500 was a cherry on the top! ScanSnap IX500 was coming to my rescue at the right moment.


My plan was, once we move to a new location, to have the scanning party time with my 13-year-old stepdaughter. And to scan the documents from the 4 drawers to my #ScanSnap cloud.

The plan was to have the whole project done in 4 weeks, one per each drawer.

That WAS the plan!


ScanSnap Fujitsu Contest winning selfie!


Well, that didn’t happen! What happened was – I should have known that my step daughter would

rather watch Pretty Little Liars than help me (with pay – using #TSheets and all) in the office. OK, noted! #LearnedMyStepMomLesson!


So, I approached the task at hand and had a bit of anxiety at the beginning. I had 3 extra-large boxes of files, a will, and my ScanSnap IX500. All that and the goal of 4 weeks – start to finish


Fast forward 3 weeks later!

(yes, JUST 3 weeks!!)


Files- gone! Boxes – Gone!

ScanSnap IX500 – visible and sitting decluttered on my desk, getting some rest.

ScanSnap is the best scanner out there! Quality is amazing, the interface is super simple, and the design is really cool!scansnap

A month after I have finished my project, I was visiting a client of mine. Just the day before my visit, we were on the phone, and he was telling me how much he dislikes his regular scanner. Talk about scanning 26 pages of one bill, and scanning only one side of the document at the time, since the scanner they had in the office have had an issue with scanning double-sided documents. And then scanning the other side of the 26-page document, just to combine the two PDF’s in one! Ouch!

I was sure that they might have more bills and documents for scanning so I took my IX500 and went the next day to their office. That 26-page document was scanned within 35 sec – BOTH SIDES! And the quality was that good, the data was easily extracted by the PDF2XL Enterprise.  The rest of the bills were scanned within 10 minutes – ALL OF THEM! My client was that impressed that they immediately ordered one for their office. What a saver!


What have I learned from this project?

  1. Scanning can be fun!
  2. Scanning with ScanSnap IX100 is all you need for the cloud, BUT:
  3. Scanning with ScanSnap IX500 is way easier for the larger projects and offices!
  4. Scanning is not fun for a 13-year-old
  5. Shredding IS super fun project for a 13-year-old, and that is easily accomplished by finishing the:
  6. Task of scanning a HON lateral 4-drawer filing cabinet is so doable and easy!
  7. Life is way easier without the papers around!
  8. Bookkeepers life is way easier when the 4-drawer filing cabinet CAN be searched with CTRL+F
  9. And, I can’t wait for the ScanSnap Hubdoc integration


Again, THANK YOU ScanSnap! Thank you, Fujitsu!


*Fujitsu has 3 other models – Comparison grid can be found here

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