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ScanSnap and Hubdoc are in #LOVE

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Hubdoc ScanSnap iX500

ScanSnap iX500 and Hubdoc – are now seamlessly integrated

We received a call today from a potential client; a law firm, looking for a new bookkeeper since their bookkeeper is retiring. Like with any other call, we asked them for the overview and a roadmap of the current process they have with their bookkeeper.

  • Currently using QuickBooks Desktop
  • Bookkeeper is working from their office
  • When she is not, they send her the documents via mail (not email!), she works on the files and send those back to the law office
  • They are using Bill4Time software (yay!) but it’s not currently linked to the QB file

Three years ago, I would have contemplated to take over the same workflow and would have thought that I am doing my clients a favor for not changing their rhythm.

Hubdoc ScanSnap Books LA Integration

Integration between ScanSnap and Hubdoc is what we were waiting for!

Instead, we have talked about what we can now do with the available technology:

  • We can move the company file over to the QuickBooks Online. We like QB Desktop a lot but are supporting QBO and Xero only because:
  • We can work offsite, not using their office space and being way more efficient by not ever being stuck in LA traffic.
  • Because now we can scan the files with one touch to Fujitsu ScanSnap and send it straight to Hubdoc – so no file will ever leave the office, but it would be accessible in cloud and searchable by CTRL+F
  • We would connect the Bill4time directly to QBO for a seamless and easy reporting.

Just a week ago, I wouldn’t be able to recommend this seamless workflow and offer such a convenience that we can offer today. Just a week ago, we used to scan all our documents to ScanSnap Cloud and then drag+drop the documents to Hubdoc. Now that has changed since ScanSnap and Hubdoc are in LOVE!

ScanSnap: We love our ScanSnap iX500!

A few months ago, we posted a blog on our website with a story of moving our entire HON 4 drawer lateral file cabinet to the cloud. Just imagine how much easier the life would be if you could search all your files with CRTL+F = ALL! Well, we can! And it’s an amazing time saver!

Yes, scanning the files with a regular scanner might seem like a good idea. However, scanning with a regular scanner will make your files readable. But could those files talk as well? No!

Using the ScanSnap scanner your files will talk! Yes, talk! With many, many programs and tools that are accessible now. How? Well, ABBYY USA Technology is now part of the Fujitsu ScanSnap

So files are scanned perfectly – regardless of the shape and size, and are easy to read!

Hubdoc: We love Hubdoc!

Hubdoc ScanSnap TOP 50 Books LA

Books LA was included in this prestigious list for the second year in the row

It is not a secret that we LOVE Hubdoc! Books LA is a hard-core fan, groupie even, of a Hubdoc. Besides the fact that the whole Hubdoc team is probably the best there is, with a super friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always super happy to help, Hubdoc SOLVED our problems

Since January 2015 using Hubdoc became a requirement for any of our clients.

If things could get better – they sure did!


Last week it was announced a ScanSnap and Hubdoc integration! AND IT’S A MUSIC TO OUR BOOKKEEPERS EARS!


ScanSnap is the best scanner out there: Review of ScanSnap at 

ScanSnap + Hubdoc = #LOVE

That law office client that called today, we can simplify the workflow.

By having a ScanSnap scanner, they can easily scan all the necessary documents over to Hubdoc – DIRECTLY! Because the scan quality is superb, the Hubdoc can easily OCR the whole document, and easily extract the name, date, amount, type… And Hubdoc will file the document in the appropriate folder; one vendor- one folder.


From Hubdoc we can easily ‘push’ the documents over to QBO or Xero. That way we can attach the PDF, .jpg to a transaction and have the backup readily available in the QBO or Xero, and email the backup along with the invoice.

And it’s that simple!

With ScanSnap scanners your documents will talk + Hubdoc will listen and understand = jointly both will seamlessly communicate with your accounting software ( Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage. Intacct..)

This is a marriage made in heaven!


Setup is super easy!


Step One: During the Setup select Hubdoc from the offered cloud storage options





Step Two: Login to Hubdoc with your credentials





 Step Three: CONNECTED!





Why Xero?

By Cloud Accounting Option and Reviews

Why Xero?

Xero is a new kid on the block in small business accounting, and it is becoming a staple in the industry fast! Accounting is essential for small businesses, but the past user interfaces has been less than desirable not to mention boring!

Co-founder and lead designer at Xero, Philip Fierlinger, stated that “Accounting used to be this thing that you did retroactively, “In the past, at the end of the year, your financial adviser could tell you ‘Oh man, things really went sour six months ago; This hindsight is nearly useless, but When you can do something about it as it’s happening–that’s the really important thing.”

Xero has revved up the user interface to make it easier and les monotonous. This is a web based “cloud” design that also keeps your data much safer from thieves and in the event of a fire or other natural disaster. Xero offers real time results, so you are not left wondering where you stand financially.

The web based approach that Xero utilizes allows the users that you have selected to view the same numbers all in real time. This means a lot less hassle. You set the privacy filters, so others only see what you want them too. Collaboration is easier, and it frees you up for other things too! This has made accounting easier and far more covenant.

A huge plus is that all of the bank accounts are viewable in one place! Not only your bank accounts, but your credit card balances too! This may seem like a simple change, but to anyone who has ever worked with the old desktop software knows this is a huge benefit.

You can now take pictures of your receipts and file them as expenses immediately. Invoices are also now able to be sent straight away. This amazing cloud software is working with map integration, so it knows the clients address so you do not have to hunt that information down. It makes contacting those who owe you money a heck of a lot easier, and it helps to prevent people from giving you false contact information too.

Like Co-Founder of Xero, Fierlinger, says “it’s all about cash flow.”

Security is top notch with Xero. Testing has been done to make sure that you information is never compromised. Everything is safely stored to the cloud, and only people with your log in information can access it. Again, you adjust user’s settings according to what you want them to be able to see. So this is customizable to meet your needs as a business owner.

The dash board id amazing, the entire platform is so user friendly and the real time collaboration beats Xero’s competitors hands down. Reporting is accurate, in real time and thorough. You simply cannot imagine the time this will save you to focus on aspects concerning your business.

Xero has also focused on being compatible with a number of different business software programs. You will not run into the compatibility issues that you have in the past with Xero, because it is user and program friendly. It is also leaning towards a more mobile friendly interface.

Trying Xero for your small business accounting needs just makes sense, and when you think about the affordability it is the best and only choice!

And here is one important detail. Xero and QBO are both improving daily, mostly because they both listen to the consumers and are working very hard to have you or gain you as a fan and a client. The competition is very healthy, but the clear winner is YOU!